Health Amplifier


All profits will be given to our charity Health Amplifier. By dining here you will be helping us feed those who have literally nothing.

Health Amplifier transforms the lives of people living in extreme poverty by providing quality healthcare and community development. By empowering the local community to care for one another we are achieving better health, diet and education.

Together we can ensure that all children have at least one hearty meal each day.



Feeding Malnourished Children


As part of their medical electives, students from the UK visited the school to measure both height and weight of the children to monitor their physical development. The same data will be collected next year for comparison and use the result to bring awareness to the community of the importance of a healthy diet.

It was also great to have some medical students from the UK visiting the school as part of their medical electives. They worked hard to measure and record the height and weight of the pupils so we will able to monitor their physical development.


Supporting Healthcare in Remote Regions


Many people in Tanzania live on less than a dollar a day, meaning that when it comes to paying for medical treatment their income is severely diminished. Health Amplifier provides the community with free healthcare in return for ensuring their homes meet 10 key requirements, for example use of mosquito nets and installation of appropriate sanitation. These long-term health and living improvements are supported by the charity alongside the free healthcare at the clinic.

We have introduced a Community Care Plan led by Dr August Temu, the Kikavu Village Officers and ten local volunteers. In Summer 2017 we fully trained our volunteers (Health Activists) on health issues the community suffer with. They will work with the community to educate on basic health, nutrition and disease prevention methods. By ensuring these important and basic steps are established in each household we aim to improve overall health and wellbeing.