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À La Carte

Canapé on Arrival

— On The Table —

House Bread & Baron Bigod Butter

— Starters —

Crown Prince Squash Velouté
Beurre Noisette, Norfolk Dapple Rarebit, Chestnut & Sage (v)

Cauliflower, Nduja, Raisins & Verjus

Pulpo Gallego
BBQ Octopus, Smoked Paprika & Potato Emulsion, Burnt Lemon, Fennel & Ancho Chilli

Cromer Crab Salad
Compressed Watermelon, Pickled Courgettes, Black Radish, Sesame, Ponzu Dressing & Brown Crab Cracker

Smoked Gressingham Duck
Satay Duck Liver, Caramelised Plum, Aged Black Mirin & Soy Greens

Salt Baked Beetroot Borani
Whipped Ewes Curd, Pickled & Raw Heritage Beetroot, Zaatar Flatbread, Alliums & Smoked Almonds (v)

— Mains —

Norfolk Cornfed Chicken & Heritage Carrots
Samosa, Aloo Chat, Green Chilli, Coriander & Charred Papaya Salad

Dry Aged Beef Fillet
Black Truffle, King Oyster Mushroom, Maderia sauce, Gratin Dauphinois, Kale & Red Wine

Norfolk Venison
Jerusalem Artichoke Gratin, Red Wine Jus, Braised Turnip, Salsify & Madeira

Stone Bass
Saffron Risotto, Almonds, Bisque, Sea Vegetables & Mussels

Barley Miso, Wild Rice, Soy Greens, Goujchang Peanuts, Pickled Ginger & Yuzu Caviar

Stuffed Roscoff Onion & Truffle
Wild Mushrooms, Black Truffle, Cavelo Nero, Baby Maris Peer, Cauliflower & Yeast Emulsion (v)



Chocolate Bombe & Mandazi
Dark Ecuadorean 70% Chocolate, Banana Mandazi, Macadamia & Vanilla Ice Cream

Orange Poppy Seed Cake
Mango Sorbet, Caramelised Compressed Pineapple & Coconut Wafer

Plum & Almond Tart
Frangipane, Burnt Honey Ice Cream & Plum Compote

Blackberry ‘Mille Feuille’
Filo Pastry, Crème Patissiere, Fig Ice Cream & Apple Puree

All desserts £8.25

House Ice Creams & Sorbets


Norfolk Dapple

Baron Bigod - Brie-style cheese with a crumbly texture at the core, and a silky breakdown at the rind.

Cashel Blue – Hand-made, semi-soft, blue veined, medium-strength blue cheese with a creamy texture.

Ragstone Goats - Lactic goat’s cheese, with a bright acidity reminiscent of creme fraiche. The texture is smooth yet dense.

Black Bomber - Full flavoured, old fashioned creamy cheddar style cheese, with a black wax coating.

Pont-L’Eveque - Soft and very rich cheese with creamy and full-bodied flavour.

Cornish Kern – Hard cheese with soft caramel notes and a deep, savoury aroma. Developing over sixteen months within its distinctive black wax coating.

Happisburgh ‘Ollands Farm’ Chutney

Artisan Biscuits

Baron Bigod Butter

Grapes, Walnuts & Celery

9.75 for 3 Cheeses

11.75 for 5 Cheeses

13.75 for 7 Cheeses